Shared Services


Changing the early education game

The United Way-powered Shared Services program is a cutting-edge model for early childhood programs. Based on the State Early Learning Alliance (SELA) in New Hampshire, the program’s purpose is to strengthen early childhood education business practices and enhance program quality throughout Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville.

Shared Services also works to give children a better start to their education by providing early childhood education center directors and administrators access to  resources, discounts, materials, and more so they can focus less on the intricacies of running a business and more on giving kids the quality of programming they deserve.

Powerful Building blocks

United Way’s Shared Services is a cutting-edge model for early childhood programs to strengthen business practices and enhance program quality in order to give children a better start.

Members saved as much as 25% on commercial insurance with better coverage, savings that spread to staff and their families. The agencies that are members of Shared Services have a combined buying power of over $30 million; if the program can hit its ultimate goal of 200 members, that figure rockets to $450 million worth of purchasing power.

In the end, all of these savings and influences are pumped directly into the classroom through program investment and staff development and quality improvements that benefit kids.

Shared Services benefits include:

  • ECE Shared Resources
    ECE Shared Resources is a web-based platform that offers a wealth of tools, services and cost and time-savings for Early Childhood Education programs and professionals. Members gain enormous buying power by joining an existing nationwide pool of purchasers. More information can be found by going to
  • Time Savings
    Sample policies, procedures, handbooks, forms, interview guides, job descriptions, marketing materials and much more have been created by national ECE experts. All are posted in a format members can download and edit, savings huge amounts of administrative time.
  • Cost Savings for Programs
    Shared services members join large pools of buyers, getting the purchasing and service benefits enjoyed by big players. On average, a center with 100 children saves over $6,000 per year; and a family provider with six children saves over $700 per year.
  • Cost Savings for Professionals
    Member agency staff can get their own perks and discounts, access to the online trainings and downloadable resources.
  • Boots-on-the-Ground Service
    The partnership with service provider Great North Advantage offers facilities management, emergency maintenance, and accounting and human resources expertise that early learning centers need – but so rarely have in-house.

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