Specialized Giving

There are a number of ways to give that fall outside of a simple one-time donation. They allow for continued or specialized giving ensuring your impact is felt for years to come.

Donor Advised Funds

Making recommendations to United Way through your Donor Advised Fund is an excellent, tax-efficient way to support the impact areas you care most about.



Honorary / Memorial Gifts

Honorary or memorial gifts provide a unique and lasting way to commemorate a milestone, a special occasion or to honor someone’s memory with a gift. You will see an option for honorary giving on our online donation tool. For questions, please contact Jennifer Woods at jwoods@supportunitedway.org or .



Donate Securities

Donating stocks and securities is easy to do and can make a huge impact on the lives of people in the community.



IRA Rollover Gifts

This provision allows American taxpayers ages 70.5 and older to donate up to and including $100,000 from their IRAs each year without having to treat the withdrawals as taxable income. For more information, please contact Rosie Martel-Foley at rmartel-foley@supportunitedway.org.

Our EIN/tax ID is 04-2382233