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Achieving Financial Resilience through Credit Building

A good credit history is crucial in today’s economy. Far more than just a number, a good credit score is a prerequisite for everyday financial products and services such as low-cost credit cards, bank accounts or car loans. Renting an apartment, paying for home insurance, signing up for utilities and even landing a job can also be affected by a person’s credit history – or the absence of one. A good credit score also makes the difference in building assets such as a college degree, a home, or starting and growing a small business.

Boston Builds Credit is an effort to use credit building as a lever to promote financial resilience in Boston, where over 200,000 residents are either unscored or have poor
credit scores. These individuals pay higher interest and fees on mortgages, home insurance, car loans, and college financing, causing the flip side of income inequality – “expense inequality“ – the sustained overpayment of interest and fees. Expense inequality inhibits economic mobility and contributes to the growing wealth divide in Boston, with particular implications for people of color.

Boston Builds Credit invites the participation of additional partners – community-based organizations, employers, small business owners, financial institutions, the credit industry, funders, residents and others – to join this effort. For up-to-date information on Boston Builds Credit, please visit www.bostonbuildscredit.org.

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Better Money Habits – an online consumer financial education platform, sponsored by Bank of America.

Boston Builds Credit Overview

Boston Builds Credit Overview

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