Community Action Grantees Media Toolkit

Congratulations on receiving a Community Action Grant! We’ve gathered some basic information that you may find helpful communicating about and celebrating your award!

General Information

Below are some facts and links about the event and the program that you can use to fashion your own promotion.

Community Action Grant program: In December, United Way of Massachusetts Bay, launched the application for Community Action Grants, aiming to provide one-year, unrestricted grants to local coalitions and grassroots organizations that are currently implementing initiatives or campaigns to expand one, some or all these impact areas: 1) Early Education and Out-of-School Time, 2) Youth and Young Adult Pathways, 3) Housing Stability and 4) Economic Inclusion and Wealth Building. We awarded 17 local organizations, out of 166 applicants, with grants of $15,000 each.

Award Event for CAG Winners: On April 26 we launched our new strategic direction and roadmap for the future. We had an inspiring conversation on economic justice and how our community can come together in support of this goal.

Promotion prompt: We would love you to share on social media what this grant means to your organization. This helps promote your work while also helping other organizations learn about the process and opportunity.


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Logo & Brand Guidelines

With our new strategy, our logo is changing slightly and still being finalized. We will post the most recent versions of the logo here along with any firm instructions. In the meantime please contact our Art Director, Lyndsay Calusine, in order to verify if your logo use meets our brand guidelines.

Event Content

Share the event broadcast with your network or watch it again!

Press Release
United Way of Massachusetts Bay Awards $255,000 to Local Coalitions and Grassroots Organizations as Part of New Community Impact Approach

Explore and share our new microsite to learn more about where we’re going and how we’ll get there, together.

Below is a gallery of photos from the event and of you and your fellow winners. You may use these to promote your award and the grant program.

We are planning to schedule time to take some photos at your location as well as some videos to make reels for social content. We really want to listen to stories of your beneficiaries to amplify their voices and bring your story to life.