North Shore

United Way is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals, families, and children in need throughout the North Shore. Our work and that of our partners makes a real impact on communities across the region, from Beverly and Gloucester to Lynn, Newbury, and Salem. In your community, your fight is our fight, and we won’t rest until everyone in our footprint has the means to forge a better future.

Ending Homelessness

RISE is an initiative designed to identify students experiencing homelessness and connect them and their family to resources they can use to get back on track. A partnership between United Way, Lynn Housing Authority & Neighborhood Development and the Lynn Public School District, RISE works to provide families with holistic support to prevent homelessness and help the most vulnerable children succeed in school.

Moving Families Out of Poverty

The Lynn Family Success Center, a Financial Opportunity Center in Lynn and a partnership between United Way and Lynn Housing and Neighborhood Development, provides families with financial coaching, education, training, and other vital economic empowerment services. Last year, the Center enabled families in the area to increase their overall net worth by an average of $6,675.

Supporting Young Children

DRIVE is a growing initiative that’s now expanding into three communities in the North Shore, including Salem and Gloucester. The program uses a dedicated screening tool, the Ages and Stages Questionnaire, or ASQ, to measure each child’s developmental progress against a standardized set of milestones. Results are then collected in ASQ online, where educators and early education professionals can use the data to inform their program design, ensure timely referrals, and support parents’ engagement.

Preparing Youth for Success

North Shore AmeriCorps provides almost 400 English language learners at schools and nonprofit agencies in Salem and Lynn with young adult mentors who can help them succeed in school and prepare for their future. Students range from 8-17 years old, and many come from low-income neighborhoods or are recent immigrants to the U.S. As part of the program, students work alongside their mentors to improve their overall literacy, build math, science, and time management skills, and learn the value of giving their all to their education.

Regional Advisory Board

United Way’s North Shore Regional Advisory Board is group of community leaders who help support United Way’s work in communities throughout the region. We’re immensely grateful for their continued dedication to helping those in need.


Join Us

Looking for ways to improve the lives of people in need in the North Shore? Here are three signature opportunities to give back to struggling individuals and families.

Tax Preparation

Join us every tax season as part of our Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. You’ll receive all the training you need to help residents achieve their maximum refund. In 2018, VITA volunteers helped people across the North Shore return more than $870,000 to the local community through tax credits and refunds. Learn more»

Thanksgiving Project

The holidays should be a time for celebration for everyone in our community. With your help, United Way can deliver holiday dinners to almost 1,000 families in need across North Shore, giving them the chance to truly enjoy the spirit of the season. Learn more»

Doing More

We’re proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish in North Shore with your help and the help of our partners. For a complete list of agencies serving North Shore, click here.