North Shore

United Way works with a network of strong nonprofit agencies and partners in the North Shore to advance our mission to create positive, lasting change for children and families in need across our region.

Last year, United Way invested almost $5 million in 65 North Shore partner agencies to ensure financial opportunity and educational success for children and families from Gloucester to Lynn.

Financial Opportunity

  • 64 individuals were able to increase their credit score by more than 30 points or even achieve the prime credit they need to move ahead in the economy.
  • Families were able to increase their average savings by more than $3,200.
  • 4,304 families in crisis avoided homelessness or were placed into housing.
  • 285 individuals received free tax preparation and assistance claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit, returning more than $870,000 in tax refunds and credits to families and the local economy.


  • Almost 400 English language learner students in Lynn an Salem received academic support services through United Way’s North Shore AmeriCorps program.
  • 743 young children will receive high-quality early education services this year to prepare them for kindergarten.
  • 7,411 school-age youth will receive the academic support needed to succeed in school and graduate.
  • 871 children grades K-3 participated in United Way’s Summer Learning Collaborative, which increases kids’ social and emotional skills over the summer.

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Regional Contact

Bill Weihs
978-922-3966 (ext 2005)