Greater Attleboro and Taunton

United Way is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals, families, and children in need throughout the Greater Attleboro and Taunton area. We and our partners work to make a real impact across the region, because in your community, your fight is our fight, and we won’t rest until everyone in our footprint has the means to forge a better future.

Here’s how we’re powering change in Greater Attleboro and Taunton:

Ending Homelessness

Through groups like the South Coast Regional Network to End Homelessness and other United Way programs and agencies, 272 families on the verge of homelessness were allowed to stay in their homes, and 198 families experiencing homelessness secured safe, supportive housing.

Moving Families Out of Poverty

58,346 vulnerable individuals received the wraparound support they needed — transportation, mental health support, and legal advocacy, among others — to access services to improve their financial opportunity and educational success.

Supporting Young Children

Our agency partners provided 846 low-income children with high-quality early education and care, ensuring they’re ready for kindergarten and are on track to learn at the same pace as their peers.

Preparing Youth for Success

3,079 youth in grades K-12 enrolled in impactful, United Way-supported programs that will allow them to develop the skills and experiences they need to succeed in school, in their careers, and in life.

Regional Advisory Board

Greater Attleboro and Taunton’s Regional Advisory Board is group of community leaders who help support United Way’s work in communities throughout the region. We’re immensely grateful for their continued dedication to helping those in need.

Click here for our board’s full roster


Doing More

We’re proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish in Greater Attleboro and Taunton with your help and the help of our partners. For a complete list of agencies serving this region, click here.