Summer Experiences in Greater Lowell

All youth deserve the opportunity to have safe and enriching summer experiences.

Summer Experiences in Greater Lowell (SEGL) has helped more than 30,000 local kids bridge the achievement gap through programs that expose them to the arts, increase literacy, develop leadership skills, and provide summer job experiences.

Community Impact for Local Youth

  • Enriching summer learning and providing summer jobs
  • Building relationships with caring adults and peers
  • Developing leadership, social, academic, and job skills
  • Empowering lifelong healthy behaviors

SEGL Committee Goals

The SEGL Committee serves as an advisory and participatory body in the generation, advancement, and enhancement of key goals for the SEGL program. Committee members have raised over $1 million over the past 18 years to ensure that all youth have the opportunity to participate in a variety of fun and safe summer experiences.

To learn more, contact Jordan Elliott at or 978-319-4803.