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The innovation economy is growing in our own backyard.  But will today’s students be prepared for tomorrow’s STEM jobs?

Despite being a renowned center of learning, students in Boston public schools are struggling – especially in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects. In the 2017 Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) standardized achievement test, 87 percent of Boston Public School 8th graders failed to score “proficient” in science, technology, and engineering.  This can impact their futures, as eighth grade is when students make course selections for high school that will chart their future career path.

Our goal is to present engaging STEM opportunities to 10,000 Boston middle school students by 2022.  

Check out what we did for STEM Week 2021 >


  • Provides high-quality learning opportunities through STEM Chats and Bites
  • Works with out-of-school time programs and with corporate volunteers to offer experiential learning with industry professionals.
  • Externships
  • Provides STEM learning opportunities, tips and tricks for home learning, and other engaging pieces of information via our blog.


  • BoSTEM delivered an average of 106 hours of out-of-school programming per student.
  • 77% of all students reported positive gains in STEM Interest overall
  • 80% of students reported positive change in social and emotional skills.


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For more information about corporate engagement and sponsorship of our STEM work, contact Louis Baptista at or 617-624-8216.

For program information, contact Joe Rosenbaum at or 617-624-8108.

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