North Shore AmeriCorps

In 2013, the City of Lynn faced a growing and immediate need: there was an increasing number of non-English speaking children and young people coming to school, and schools and community organizations needed support to provide them with the kind of education they deserve. As a result, many were failing to graduate high school, leaving them unprepared for college or a well-paying career.

It was a problem no one organization could tackle alone. United Way partnered with the community to bring about a solution: deploying an AmeriCorps program — what would become North Shore AmeriCorps — to public schools and out-of-school time programs to Lynn and Salem. The goal was to provide immigrants, refugees, and students with a first language other than English ages 8-17 with tutoring and mentoring so they could get on the right educational track.

How it Works

To power the program, the Corporation for National Service and Massachusetts Service Alliance provide core funding for stipends to the 25 AmeriCorps members willing to dedicate a year to service. They serve at 14 locations and support 500 English language learners each year.

Members serve together with teachers and program staff to assist youth as they learn English, math, and increase overall academic engagement. Each member serve one-on-one with or in small groups of English language learners to help build skills like comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency. Members also serve as mentors, helping their students build social and emotional skills like communication, confidence, and teamwork.

The positive feedback goes both ways. United Way invests deeply in training and equipping AmeriCorps members to best support their students, and they receive real-world experience through their service that they can take into college and careers.

Get Involved

North Shore AmeriCorps is an example of how United Way powers collaboration to solve a community’s toughest challenges. United Way provides critical program leadership and offers a valuable resource to public schools and community organizations: supporting immigrant student education so they’re able to thrive in school, stay engaged, and graduate.

If you are interested in hosting a future AmeriCorps member, we will be releasing our RFP in March 2019.

United Way seeks candidates to become AmeriCorps members placed in schools and community organizations on the North Shore. The program is a powerful way to launch your career while serving on a dynamic team supporting a diverse group of youth.

If you are interested in becoming an AmeriCorps member and helping empower non-English speaking youth through education and mentorship, contact Program Manager Sean Cicero at