Family Engagement

Getting kids excited about philanthropy at an early age sets them up for a lifetime of social awareness, creating a cycle of empathy that can last through adulthood. That can be setting preschoolers up with cans of food to put into a Thanksgiving bag for a family in need. It can be tapping into a kindergartner’s budding understanding that some kids have more than others and the need to make things “fair,” or encouraging a teen to pursue causes they feel strongly about.

Any kid can make a difference — and all kids should have the opportunity to try.

Find a Family-Friendly Volunteer opportunity

Making time to volunteer with your family not only helps your community, but you’ll be sharing the experience with your loved ones. Whether it’s over a weekend or a period of months, we can connect you to volunteer opportunities everyone can be a part of and that matter to you and those you care about. It can be as simple as holding a drive for food, books, toys, or other needs, and there are plenty of other family-friendly options available.


get ideas for your family

Our News You Can Use blog series contains helpful information about many important topics for your kids, from how to talk them about homelessness to things your child should know before starting Kindergarten. Tap into our years of expertise in helping children to help your own! Click on a story in the Find Out More section below to get started.


stay in the know

If you’re still not sure how or where you can get involved, don’t worry. United Way offers many ways for you to learn about the critical issues facing our communities and how you can be a part of their solution. One of the easiest is to sign up for our newsletter, which spotlights some great stories about the work we and our partners are doing. Click the newsletter signup below to start learning.