Greater Boston Project Connect

Greater Boston Project Connect invites the whole community to come together in support of families in transition.

Hundreds of families throughout Greater Boston face homelessness every day. Without a place to call their own, children can fall behind on schoolwork or fail to see a doctor when they need to; adults struggle at work or at finishing their own education. Worse, searching for stable housing, health services, legal and job coaching, or other vital resources can be difficult if you don’t know where to look or can’t find a way to the help you need.

No one should have to live like this, but for families facing homelessness, it’s an everyday experience.

How it Works

Greater Boston Project Connect happens every July, providing a one-day, full-service event that invites the whole community to support families in transition. The event gathers service providers from across the Boston area, all of them willing to give their time and energy to helping every participant who walks through the door.

Resources offered include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Housing and Shelter Assistance
  • Employment Services and Job Coaching
  • Health, Wellness, and Salon Services
  • Government and Legal Services
  • Gently Used Professional Clothing and Shoes
  • School Supplies
  • Child Care

When participants arrive, they’re paired with a volunteer guide who ensures they see everyone they need to see, helps arrange follow up meetings, and adds a personal touch to the day. When a participating individual or family leaves the event, we hope they’re ready to start down a better road, and that we’ve empowered our volunteers to continue their own journeys of service.

Impact Made

Project Connect 2018 was a resounding success. Here are a just a few highlights from the day:

  • More than 450 people received services
  • Almost 150 volunteers came and engaged with their community
  • 66 unique service providers offered 2400 individual services
  • We raised more than $60,000 to further United Way’s support of families in transition

Project Connect wouldn’t be possible without the combined effort of hundreds of volunteers and the generous contributions of our service providers and event sponsors. With their support, hundreds of families and individuals left the event better prepared for tomorrow.

To learn more about Greater Boston Project Connect, please contact Dahlia Cox at or 617-624-8032.