Community Baby Shower


Even before the pandemic, a third of families in our region were diaper insecure. With unemployment skyrocketing, evictions on the rise and food insecurity hitting record levels, the need only continues to grow. 

Over the past decade, United Way’s Community Baby Shower has provided thousands of expectant parents with the essential resources they need to support their baby’s development and learning. This year, we know that the need is greater than ever which is why we’re expanding our support in four of our local regions – Greater Boston, the North Shore, Merrimack Valley and the Greater Seacoast. But we can only do it with your help! You can help fund baby basics and early childhood necessities for the newest members of our community. 

We will also provide online resources to connect parents with the maternal and early childhood education and resources they would have had access to at the shower. Please stay tuned for more information.

About Community Baby Shower

Parenthood can be overwhelming – especially doing it for the first time, not to mention during a pandemic. Whether it’s nutrition, developmental milestones, or safe sleep, new parents have a lot to learn on top of all they have to navigate in today’s world. What’s worse, much of the information can appear contradictory. That’s where our community—supportive friends, family, and caring neighborscomes in.

The Community Baby Shower connects new and expectant parents experiencing economic hardship with maternal and early childhood education and resources they need to give their little one a stronger start. Hosted by Women United, this annual celebration will reach more families than ever this year. Take a look at last year’s Virtual Community Baby Shower here



For more information about this event, contact Kiara Lum at or 617-624-8005.

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