What does the future hold for Boston?

Boston’s Mayoral Candidates Outline Plans to Partner with Nonprofit Sector to Advance a Strong, Equitable and More Resilient City

During the pandemic, nonprofit organizations stepped up to sustain residents through the most challenging year of our lifetimes. As such, engaging with and deepening partnerships with Boston’s nonprofit sector must be a critical piece of the next Mayor’s agenda.

In honor of Nonprofit Awareness Day, United Way collaborated with 103 Boston-based nonprofit partners to develop the Boston Nonprofit Questionnaire. We invited the five mayoral candidates to discuss how their Administration intends to partner with community-based organizations and address the intersecting needs of residents, youth, and families. Importantly, 35 Executive Directors of local nonprofit organizations volunteered their time to help inform and shape these questions.  Browse the candidates’ responses below.

Boston Nonprofit Questionnaire

Question #1: How will your Administration work with the region’s nonprofit sector to address the intersecting needs of residents, families, and youth, and build a robust social safety net that works for everyone?

Question #2: What steps will you take to change the way that all Departments in the City partner with community-based nonprofit organizations and residents with lived experience?

Question #3: Please describe one innovation you will implement during your first six months in office that will immediately allow your Administration to better serve Boston residents who have suffered most directly from the pandemic.

Question #4: What do you see as your own areas of personal growth in terms of equity and inclusion, and what will you do to ensure that your Cabinet members join you in the continuous self-examination and learning needed to advance a more anti-racist society?

Question #5: Tell us about one Boston nonprofit that you engaged with recently. Tell us about one Boston nonprofit with whom you have a long-term relationship.

These responses were copied verbatim from the candidates’ submissions and not edited in any way. As a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, the United Way cannot support or oppose any candidate for public office.