COVID-19 Fund


In Massachusetts, 2 in 5 workers lack sufficient savings to withstand a sudden loss in wages. Our COVID-19 Family Support Fund will help hourly, low-wage workers weather the losses from this epidemic.


As coronavirus reverberates across hospitals, offices, schools, and homes, we are reminded of our most basic shared value. We know that all of us depend on each other for a healthy community. The same priority guides our concern for those most economically vulnerable in a pandemic. This includes the families of hospitality, retail and other hourly workers, those experiencing homelessness, and children relying on school for one or more meals each day, among others.

The Need

In Massachusetts, 2 in 5 workers lack sufficient savings to withstand a sudden loss in wages. With public events, schools and workplaces shuttering as the pandemic unfolds, hourly, low-wage workers will experience unprecedented financial hardship. The problem is acute for hospitality workers, retail workers, and other hourly workers, many living paycheck to paycheck, with no clear options for recouping lost wages.   Additionally across the Commonwealth, several hundred thousand children rely on federally funded school-based programs for one, two or more meals each day. As schools close across the Commonwealth, the demand for food assistance will increase for these children and their families.


United Way has established the COVID-19 Family Support Fund, a dedicated resource for working families affected by the COVID-19 public health emergency. We will mobilize our broad network of nonprofit agencies throughout the region to provide a flexible source of cash assistance to help families weather the COVID-19 crisis. These agencies have a proven and long track record of working with United Way to administer flexible emergency assistance for families impacted by income disruption. Grants will be made to help families impacted by the COVID-19 crisis meet their basic food, childcare or housing needs.

In collaboration with the Department of Public Health, United Way’s Mass 2-1-1 statewide consumer hotline will provide consumer help during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Individuals can dial 2-1-1 for comprehensive information and referrals related to the virus, including information on where they can access flexible funds through the COVID-19 Family Support Fund.

Local Funds

In addition, various cities throughout our footprint have approached United Way to supplement their fundraising and funds distribution efforts.  Visit our Local Funds page for more about these efforts as they become finalized.

In this uncertain time, many nonprofit agencies themselves will face financial disruption. Postponed or canceled fundraising events, leading to a loss of funding that community-based organizations depend on for their regular program work and operations will put serious pressure on nonprofit operating budgets.

United Way will coordinate fundraising efforts with the broader philanthropic community, including the Boston Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund, to ensure that the nonprofit organizations that have been stressed by the crisis have the resources they need to meet the community need.

Inquiries about the Fund

For general questions about the Covid-19 Family Support Fund, please contact

For interested philanthropic and business partners, please contact our VP of Corporate Relations, Emily Stanford at or 617-624-8171

For media inquiries about United Way of Massachusetts Bay’s response to the COVID-19 epidemic, please contact Brigid Boyd at or 617-624-8252.

Help us help families in need.

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