K-Ready Kids in the Seacoast

Year of Impact: More Kids on the Seacoast are Ready for Kindergarten

K-Ready Kids outfitted 1750 kids in the Seacoast with the school supplies they needed to enter kindergarten ready to learn.

K-Ready Kids works to ensure that kids on the Seacoast are ready for Kindergarten. This year’s 6th annual K-Ready Kids event,  took place over 6 days, and involved 75+ volunteers, 8,750 books, 10 sponsors and 8 corporate partners running school supply drives. The end result was 1750 happy kids at 55 early education centers, Head Starts, and preschools in 20 Seacoast communities who received the tools they need to continue learning and growing over the summer and enter kindergarten ready for success.

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