Year in Impact: Working Families Network of MA Program Launches

In 2017, we launched a new initiative – Working Families Network of MA – which will enable us to expand our financial coaching program statewide and double the number of families who will receive financial coaching services.

Often held up as a model for how financial coaching should be delivered, the Working Families Network program will allow agencies to help more than 3000 families improve their credit scores, increase their savings and decrease their debt. The program includes a proven methodology, set of standards, and a certificate program for coaches. A client database with a standardized set of metrics tracks clients’ financial outcomes and enables us to continuously evaluate and improve the program.

Thanks to a generous grant from Project Reinvest, 21 agency partners have joined the network and are serving their clients in a way that has been shown to improve financial stability, including increasing net income, increasing net worth and/or improving credit scores.

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