Year in Impact: Family Fund Distributions Keep Families Afloat in 2017

The Family Fund provides emergency assistance to families on the brink of disaster.  

From keeping homeless teens warm on cold winter nights to helping families reclaim desperately needed tax refunds to helping moms like Shayla. Shayla is a single mother of four who has lived in the same apartment for six years, always paying her rent on time. Earlier this year, her daughter became ill and had to be hospitalized, causing Shayla to miss a significant amount of time at work. As a result, she lost her job, fell behind on her rent and was nearly evicted. With the help of $1,000 from the Family Fund, Shayla and her children were able to keep their apartment. Shayla is currently working with FamilyAid Boston’s employment specialists to find a new job.

Of the almost $400,000 that was raised and distributed this year:

  • 3,623 federal tax returns were prepared, which led to $7,002,006 in tax refunds for families in need
  • Nearly 1,000 people received heating assistance, and didn’t have to choose between staying warm and putting food on their tables
  • 138,385 people had nutritious meals through the $45,000 that was distributed through food pantries
  • 30,314 Households received Financial Assistance and Emergency Need Support

Gifts to the Family Fund are often the difference between a family keeping their heads above water and grappling with the real threat of homelessness.