“This Is Why We Live United!”

As we celebrate 20 years of the Women’s Leadership Breakfast this fall, the executive committee members share their favorite WLC moments and why they LIVE UNITED.

WLC Committee Headshot Collage

The members of the Women’s Leadership Council Executive Committee put a lot of time and passion into their volunteer work with the Council, having a tremendous impact on our community and a future generations of leaders.  Here, they tell us why.

Kim Reinert (WLC Co-Chair)

“Volunteering with my daughter during the WLC book drive and sorting over 400 books!”

Ellen King (WLC Co-Chair)

“Seeing the power of giving back come full circle when Tamiko spoke at the Community Baby Shower.”

Monika Aderbauer

“Getting together with like-minded people to rock the world!”

Natalie Cira

“Participating in meaningful volunteer initiatives that resonate with me and my values and connect me to the very community I feel the need to give back to.”

Andrea Hayward

“My favorite experience is participating in the Community baby shower, seeing the joy and appreciation for all of the resources, gifts and community celebration is meaningful beyond words.”

Denise Kaigler

“At the UW community baby shower — it had been a very long time since I’d rocked a crying baby to sleep! Brought back nice memories, although I didn’t complain when I had to hand the sweet boy back over to his mother!”

Ellen Keiley

“The WLC has given me the opportunity to meet and engage with incredible women while creating positive change in the community!”

Charu Narain

“I love the annual WLC Breakfast. It is always an inspiring event that effectively showcases the WLC cause.”

Amanda Reeves

“The passion this council demonstrates for making a difference is nothing short of inspirational.”

Teri Trautwein

“My favorite moment was my first Women’s Leadership Breakfast and seeing how the awesome women of Boston could come together to make change happen!”

Jennifer Gugliottti

“Collaborating with talented women and getting the opportunity to serve on the Board of a non-profit that does tremendous things (Silver Lining Mentoring).”


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