Why should you be an AmeriCorps Fellow?

Each year, United Way of Mass Bay and Merrimack Valley hosts a cohort of AmeriCorps Fellows, who provide individualized support to a growing population of multilingual K-12 learners in Salem, Lynn, and Gloucester through one-to-one and small group SEL interventions. Fellows gain invaluable experience working side-by-side with seasoned educators while making a meaningful impact on vulnerable children in our community.

Through the years, we’ve asked fellows to reflect on their experiences with service through AmeriCorps, as well as their motivation.

Serve with United Way to Give Back

For many Fellows, service has been a natural outflow of the investment others have made in them, particularly through education and mentorship.

“I choose to serve because I want to be present as a mentor, like my mentor was for me when I was young. I have a strong desire to provide my students with different tools they may need to navigate through life. I applied to serve as a United Way AmeriCorps Fellow to help the leaders of tomorrow in any way I can.” – Darlene

“I choose to serve because of the opportunity to be a role model in students’ lives. It makes me reflect back on my own time as a young student and it’s hard for me to imagine where I would be today without the adults who helped me broaden my horizons at different stages in life. I would like to be this for my students.” -Max

Serve with United Way to Invest in Community

For others, service stems from the desire to invest in the community and is a part of a larger commitment to social change. Simultaneously, the community shapes and impacts fellows through their service.

“I choose to serve because I want to make a positive change in my community. This year in particular, both our students and educators need support, and I want to be there for them. Each day as an AmeriCorps Fellow that I give even a little bit of assistance, I also grow and learn as a person and an educator. Despite the challenges of the year, at my service site, we have a community that supports and uplifts.” Sarah

“I choose to serve because it helps prepare me to become a responsible and active citizen, who understands the challenges local people face and helps improve the quality of life through political and non-political processes. I am part of a community that has welcomed me and helped me grow.” -Fatima

Serve with United Way for the Future

As a program focused on education, in a time when the education system has been severely impacted by the pandemic, AmeriCorps members have the opportunity to contribute to the future of the education system and of their students.

“I choose to serve because I am trying to make an effort to brighten the pathway for future generations. As an AmeriCorps Fellow, I am capable to become a resource for my students. Within a day, the support of their needs may change and I am here to support them however they need me. This allows me to push myself not only as an educator but as a person too.” -Karen

Whether you are interested in service as an opportunity to give back, invest in community, or further your career in the field of education, we encourage you to apply to our 2022-2023 United Way AmeriCorps Fellowship today!

Become an AmeriCorps Fellow!