We are #LINCBoston: Nick Darsch

Nick Darsch is a member of LINC Boston’s leadership cohort and has been involved with United Way for 4 years Get to know Nick, and why he makes time to give back through LINC!

Where do you work and what neighborhood do you live in? What’s your favorite thing about each?

I live in the Fort Point area of the Seaport and I love the neighborhood.  There’s a lot of great restaurants at my doorstep and there seems to be something new opening up there every month.  I’m  a huge fan of Row 34 and Blue Dragon in particular.  I work for Boston Financial Data Services and I travel a lot for work.  When I’m not traveling, my primary office is in Quincy, so I shoot up and down 93 for the reverse commute. It’s not a bad time to catch up on phone calls (or podcasts).

What do you think is the biggest challenge for your generation? If you could help change one thing in your community for the next generation, what would it be?

I see a lot of challenges falling on the footsteps of my generation both in the U.S. and globally, but I’m heartened to see so many peers and colleagues tackling these head on – in general I’m optimistic.  On the macro level, I’m concerned about climate change and preserving our Earth and resources for future generations.  I also continue to feel angst about expanding inequality, particularly in the U.S. and ensuring equal opportunity for all.  Working with United Way, we support programs to help mitigate that gap for children and families, to provide an infrastructure where the disadvantaged can aspire for more and inspire those around them by doing so.

Nick Darsch marathon2

Nick finished the 2014 Boston Marathon after fundraising for United Way.

You ran the Boston Marathon for United Way in 2013 and were just short of finishing when the course closed.  What did that experience mean to you and what motivated you to sign up and then come back and keep running?

The 2013 marathon was a trial on a lot of levels, it was my first and the preparation taxed me both mentally and physically. It started out as one of the most exciting days of my life. The energy and crowds were unbelievable.  I was about a quarter mile or so away when the course closed. The confusion and range of emotions were extremely high.  The best day turned dark fast, there was a lot more lost than my last quarter mile.  I had no doubt I would run it the next year, I had to fulfill my commitment to the United Way, the friends and family who supported me and myself.  The reaction of Boston over the next days, weeks, months, year only reinforced my commitment to come back.  The return of the race in 2014 was the best thing I’ve ever been a part of.

Pick one: Instagram or Snapchat?

Instagram, but my posts are starting to be much fewer and far between these days.

Young people are so busy and have so much on our plates – what makes you want to make time to give back?

I think innately all young people feel some propensity to give back, for me I know how fortunate I’ve been in many aspects of my life and hope that from my work I can afford those same opportunities to others.

Why LINC? What resonates with you?

I’ve been a part of LINC and the legacy Emerging Leaders group for almost 4 years now. To me it really resonates for two reasons: First is the caliber of the people that take part in our events and activities.  You’ll always find some of the smartest and most talented young people in Boston dedicating their talents and insights to our programs – it’s great to see what this group can do when they come together.  The other is really the quality of the opportunities and the range of events – from volunteering, to education to social and fundraising.  The United Way supports 142 organizations and we have the capacity to help each in a unique way.

LINC is currently gearing up for the 4th annual LINC Spin-a-thon on Saturday, April 9, 2016. Sign up your own team or support a team in this year’s Spin-a-thon to benefit Youth Venture!