Video: The Family Fund

“With temperatures falling into the single digits, some 50,000 low income heating oil customers in Massachusetts have exhausted fuel assistance for the winter…” This was found in a recent Boston Globe article, telling of the increased need of families and individuals.

As our region continues to brave the cold temperatures of a harsh winter, many families struggle to keep warm and well fed as their federal heating assistance runs out and food stamps are cut. This is is where United Way’s Family Fund comes in.


The Family Fund is a private funding source that works through 19 of our partner agencies across the region to provide emergency fuel and food assistance to more families as they face the cold realities of winter.

In 2013, United Way distributed $265,779 to 19 community agencies in its service area. We are working to raise funds again this year to help meet the increased need that community partners are seeing across the region as costs and demand spike.

Recently National Grid Foundation announced a grant of $90,000 to the Family Fund, which will go directly to nine community agencies with fuel assistance programs to help local families heat their homes. Other individuals or businesses who are interested in contributing to the Family Fund can do so through our website, at Every gift matters.

2013 Family Fund Results
High unemployment and foreclosure rates continue to cause severe stress among families across the region. In addition to providing one-time emergency grants, United Way is committed to addressing the root causes of personal financial crisis and to setting families on a path to financial stability last year:

  • United Way distributed $265,779 to 19 community agencies in its service area.
  • The Family Fund helped 1,065 clients (representing 444 households) with financial assistance to meet such one-time emergency needs as rent/mortgage payments and fuel/heat/utility costs.
  • The average grant for fuel-neutral assistance was $280.
  • Helped 45,480 households, including more than 30,000 children with food assistance.