United Way Boston Marathon team returns to finish the race

Last year, United Way had a small team of Boston Marathon runners who trained, fundraised, and ran hard on behalf of United Way.  On that day,  so many were denied the opportunity to finish, but this year they will return to Hopkington even stronger; ready to finish the race.  We are honored to have them running on our behalf and can’t wait to cheer them on Monday!

Nick Darsch of Boston Financial Data Services was .3 miles from the finish last year when his race abruptly ended. In this Q&A, he talks about his experience and why he continues to run and volunteer for the community.


Nick Darsch at the start of the 2013 Boston Marathon

“Volunteering has always been a big part of my life, from my time at Boston College High School, to my time at Bentley and now at Boston Financial. When the opportunity to run for United Way came up last year, I knew I couldn’t pass it up… I knew first-hand the impact that United Way has on the community, and was acutely aware that fundraising is key in allowing these programs to thrive.


No matter how hard the race gets, I’ll be thinking about that last 0.3, United Way, and seeing my friends and family at the finish line – that’s what will really get me through the day.”

Read more of the Q&A with Nick on Boston Financial’s blog.


Doug Kaufman of UPS was also on the Boston Marathon course last year – just half a mile from the finish – when chaos broke out.


Doug Kaufman at the start of the 2013 Boston Marathon


“We’ve all seen the amazing acts of courage by spectators and responders at the scene of the attack.  I was struck as well by the random acts of kindness that occurred throughout the city … It was touching to see the juxtaposition between seeing two brothers demonstrate the depths that humans can sink to, and the thousands of people who went out of their way to support, console, and care for their fellow man.”

Read more of Doug’s incredible story, in his own words.

To LIVE UNITED is to know that our connections to each other make us stronger. Last year, in a time of collective sorrow, we found collective comfort, and we came together to help and to heal. This year, we cheer those who needed support and salute them for their strength.