Turning Summer Time into Brain Building Time

Did you know that the back-and-forth interactions and meaningful conversations you have with your young child are the best ways to build their brain?  That makes the lazy, hazy days of summer the perfect time to create brain-building moments and actually nurture your child’s learning and development outside of formal early education programs.

Make the most out of your time together this summer with these tips from Brain Building in Progress, a public-private partnership of the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care and United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley:

Exploring the city?  Take the T and make the ride a brain-building moment.  Count the stops. Go on an alphabet hunt.  Check out more tips for making the ride from here to there fun.

Looking for new places to go? Create a bucket list of area libraries, museums and state parks to explore. Use our Brain Building Zone-finder and calendar of Things to Do for the latest events in your community.

Enjoying the outdoors and sunshine? We hear you, it is fun to be outside to play, especially after the winter we just had.  Take some of your favorite indoor activities, like story time, outside this summer. Or even better, check out the colors in your favorite ice cream shop!

The bottom line is, enjoying one another’s company, particularly during the less structured days of summer, is one of the best ways to ensure your child’s healthy development.  Share your summer brain building moment with us and tag #IamABrainBuilder.