Tocqueville Member Spotlight: Krissy Davis

Krissy Davis’ energy is contagious.  A long-time United Way Tocqueville Donor, busy executive at Deloitte and mother of two young daughters, she speaks quickly, with the air of someone whose trains always run on time.  When we spoke with her recently, the conversation immediately turned to the COVID-19 pandemic and how it’s forced her to slow down and focus on things that are most important in her life: “The reason I entered consulting 20+ years ago is the variability, shifting gears from one thing to the next.  I’m used to being on an airplane every week.  That said, I love being home with my girls.  They are at ages that it’s important for me to be around a little more, so it’s been a blessing to be around for them.”

The changes brought by the pandemic have changed the way Krissy thinks about giving as well.  “Everything we’ve dealt with for the last 10 months, from the pandemic to the social unrest, the political environment, at least for me, has caused a need for regular self-reflection.  I have a clearer perspective now on what’s important and what’s not.” she says.  “ Making a positive impact in the community is so important to me and my family and frankly, the past 10 months has reminded me off all the big and the small things we can do with our time, talent and treasure to have an impact on people who are in need.    Sometimes this has meant giving to new places or causes.  In some cases, it means doubling down on the causes I care about that are struggling.  Sometimes this means more giving of dollars, sometimes more giving of time.”

Krissy became involved with United Way as a workplace campaign manager for Deloitte, 15 years ago, and credits the firm’s culture with inspiring her passion for philanthropy: “Giving back to the community and making an impact is a core value of Deloitte and has been since the day I started.  We walk the walk.  Without my nearly 24 years with the firm, I’m not sure I’d have the deep, passionate commitment I have to giving back.  I’m proud to now share that passion for giving back with my girls.”

A strong advocate for early education, Krissy served as a Board member at United Way Partner Ellis Memorial and is deeply involved in her children’s school. “Anything in and around kids and early education is near and dear to my heart.  Through my involvement with Ellis Memorial in particular, I have been able to see the tremendous impact the United Way and its’ partner agencies can have on the lives of our smallest people.  As a mom of 2 girls, I know how important those formative years are. There’s lots of work that United Way does that is important to me but early education is nearest and dearest to me.”

In her tenure as a United Way donor and volunteer, Krissy has seen the organization go through many changes, and her perspective has been essential to United Way. Through her leadership on the Board of Directors and her oversight of the Community Impact Committee, Krissy has helped inform and shape United Way’s community impact strategy.

In closing, Krissy had some advice for her fellow leadership donors during this time of uncertainty: “We’re living different lifestyles – not traveling or buying as many cups of coffee at our favorite coffee shop – we each should think about how we elevate our commitments and investments in our communities.  If there’s a year more than any other that people should be doubling down on their community impact, this is the year.  We are people with means and platforms to drive meaningful impact in the community. Let’s each think about how we use that this year.”