Bill and Judi Rosensweig, XXX and Janet Collins, Rick and Chris Berk

Tocqueville Profile: Judi and Bill Rosensweig

When Judi and Bill Rosensweig lived overseas with their two children for 9 years, the entire family actively participated in philanthropic work. Upon resettling back to Greater Boston in 2014, it seemed like a natural next step for them to become members of United Way’s Tocqueville Society.

Motivated to create positive, lasting change by serving those in need, the Rosensweig family immersed themselves in United Way’s volunteer opportunities. “Contribution meant a lot during our first year or two, but once we got involved with the Thanksgiving Project, that’s when we felt what it really meant to contribute,” says Bill. “Watching our son unload 1,500 frozen turkeys off a truck made it real. It felt good to connect the work with the community.”

Now, serving as the newest Co-Chairs of the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley Tocqueville Council, Judi and Bill are in a unique position to take their mission one step further.

Currently establishing Tocqueville’s Council of 15-20 members, Judi and Bill are seeking philanthropically like-minded people. They hope to attract Council Members who are interested in contributing their time and talents on behalf of United Way, and making Tocqueville Society more impactful in the community and meaningful to its members.

Being a Council Member also provides the opportunity for members to meet new people and have rewarding experiences through volunteer activities and engagement with other Tocqueville Society Members.

“We want people in Tocqueville to feel more connected and willing to volunteer. We also want to give direct exposure to the programs that United Way is involved in,” says Bill.

As support of the United Way is a family decision, Judi and Bill are hopeful that couples will participate in facilitating engagements, like the Thanksgiving Project, that go above and beyond the business community.

“I’m looking forward to being engaged in more family-oriented programs. Being involved with the Thanksgiving Project and Project Homelessness Connect were great opportunities for us to do important work for the community together,” says Judi.

Once the Council is formed, they will refine the group’s vision and goals, which in turn will influence subsequent activities. Although there are many potential areas of focus, Judi and Bill plan to be humble with their initial ambitions until they gain momentum. They wish to establish a sustainable foundation upon which the Council can evolve over time.    

For more information about becoming a Tocqueville Society member, please contact Janet Collins at