Tocqueville Membership Spotlight: Pat and Michele Murray

Pat and Michele Murray are a combined philanthropic force to be reckoned with. Patrick has served in the charitable sphere in nearly every imaginable capacity. Meanwhile, Michele is an incredibly active member of the community, having served on an impressive number of boards and winning a prestigious leadership award. Under their leadership, the Bristol County Savings Bank has issued a record number of grants this past year.

Here, these extraordinary individuals discuss how they woven United Way’s unique opportunities for creating lasting, positive change into their lives of service.

Why have you given your time, talent and treasure to United Way?

We are both committed to the good work the United Way does in our communities and we feel it is important to enable them to continue their mission. Our employer, Bristol County Savings Bank, has a long history of supporting the United Way so we were exposed to contributing to this organization over 25 years ago and have been involved ever since. We both feel that we should set a good example to contribute and be actively involved in the United Way, as we ask all of our employees to support United Way as well.

How have you been impacted by volunteering and giving to United Way?

We have participated in many Days of Caring over the years, as well as allocations panels and board involvement and have witnessed first-hand the impact the United Way makes in our communities. They take a leadership role in conducting Community Needs Assessments throughout the region which provides valuable information regarding critical needs and service gaps in our communities. The support they provide to so many organizations, allows them to meet the needs and fill the gaps within our region.

What does being a Tocqueville member mean to you?  

We were both raised to lend support to those who need it. Being involved with the United Way and personally knowing the people makes us feel very confident that we are giving to an organization that will truly make a difference in the lives of so many. We feel it is our responsibility to give back and we are comfortable that our contribution will be used to create maximum impact and help as many individuals and families as possible. We are truly proud to be a member of the Tocqueville Society.