Tocqueville Member Spotlight: John Mang

Being an esteemed Tocqueville Society member and working alongside other philanthropically like-minded families is a rewarding experience. But did you know that only a small percentage of all donors offer continuous support to nonprofit organizations over a 10 year period, and even a smaller percentage over 25 years? Perhaps you also didn’t know that Tocqueville Society member, John Mang, is among those few.

United Way has been a part of John’s life since he was in elementary school. In the early years of his involvement, John and his parents would walk door-to-door and ask for donations. While a lot has changed since then, John and his wife Rae are still continuing the tradition – not by walking door-to-door, but by donating to United Way for the past 25+ years!

“We believe deeply in supporting United Way because we know our investment is guaranteed to help people in our community who have the greatest need,” says John.

As long-standing United Way supporters, the Mang’s unwavering support and philanthropic leadership has been significant. They became Tocqueville Society members in 2006. John has been on the United Way Board since 2013, and his trajectory of involvement is still growing as John prepares for his new role this year as the Tocqueville Society Campaign Chair.

“I am excited to take on the role of Campaign Chair this year because it gives me an opportunity to personally carry the Mission of United Way to our donors and corporate partners at a time when our community needs our support more than ever,” says John.

While donations are greatly needed all year long, as John and Rae can attest, those made at the end of the year are particularly critical. Year End giving is so important because United Way is an ‘in and out’ organization. Funds raised through the annual campaign will go through a grant review and funding process in the spring. John says, if you want your donation to have the greatest impact, now is the time to give.

John and his wife Rae have been married for 28 years. They moved to Boston 5 years ago from Kobe, Japan where they spent 6 years working for Procter and Gamble. Now retired, John and Rae enjoy spending time with their teenage son and watching him play hockey, g