Applying to College? Take Some Tips from our Marian L. Heard Scholars

There’s nothing quite like getting ready to send your kid to college, you no doubt have an ever-growing list of questions about the process. From applications to possible majors your child would enjoy to the all-important topic of financing four years of higher education, the list goes on and on. Luckily, we’ve assembled a group of young people —four of our Marian L. Heard Scholars — who are intimately familiar with this difficult subject. These are first-generation college students who are ready to share advice you can use in your own college application process.

Gerson Ruiz: Understand Financial Aid

Paying for college can be tough, and for Gerson Ruiz, understanding financial aid is critical for any new applicant. Sure it’s complicated, but knowing how everything works is, in his mind, vital to helping ensure the college experience ticks.

Emely Mateo: Explore the Possibilities

Going into college, you might know exactly what you want to study and what route you want to take over the next four years. You also might not have any idea at all. Emely Mateo explains why you should be open to exploring all your options and all the opportunities college provides, even if you don’t have a gameplan when you start.

Ivanildo Damoura: Don’t Limit Yourself

A big part of the college application process is finding the right school for you, and if you only have a few options to pick from, what happens if none of them are a good fit? Ivandilo Damoura explains one piece of advice that helped overcome that problem.

Roberto Rojas: Believe in Yourself

Navigating the maze of college applications can feel almost impossible. You have to juggle financial assistance, writing essays, requesting recommendations, and everything else it takes to get into a good school. In this video, Roberto Rojas breaks down his process and how, despite what can feel like long odds, you can turn what feels daunting into something tough but manageable.

We hope our MLH Scholars answered some of your questions and helped ease some of your fears. College is a big step for any family, and hopefully hearing from young people like this, who’ve taken the challenge head-on, has helped you put your own plans into perspective. And while there are plenty of challenges to overcome when it comes to college, the benefits a great education creates are worth every hurdle.