Take Action – Resources for Times of Crisis

We’ve struggled a bit with what we can say following yet another tragedy of horrific gun violence, this time against schoolchildren in Texas. Unfortunately, we are familiar with this mix of emotions – sadness, pain, and anger, feelings compounded by the racially-motivated mass shooting in Buffalo earlier this month and this week’s two-year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder.  These events weigh heavy on us all, and we continue to grapple with the hurt and frustration that these moments are as much a part of our present as they are of our history.  

We want to take action, and yet how to do that is not always as clear or tangible as we want it to be.  When some of us are worried about our well-being when we go to school to teach or learn, or out to a grocery store, we feel it is our responsibility to step up and act to make things different. 

Below, we’ve compiled some resources for community members to get involved and advocate for change. We also understand that it may be challenging to discuss violent incidents with children and help them navigate their emotions in a world that at times seems unimaginably cruel. We’ve also included tips and resources for having these difficult conversations with young people. 

Thank you for all you do to bring greater opportunity, love, and promise to so many across our communities.  We continue to be inspired by the people and partners in our region who are motivated and committed to positive change.   



Resources for Parents, Educators and Caregivers