Strong Companies, Strong Communities.

Our region is home to many world-class institutions.  Our universities and hospitals are ranked at the top of most any ranking you’ll find, and our vibrant innovation economy is attracting world class companies to do business here.  So it should come as no surprise that we’re also leading the way in developing deep partnerships between United Way and leading corporations to create lasting change.

Throughout our history, United Way has recognized the value of partnering with corporations to help mobilize and harness resources for the issues facing our region.   We are thankful for the unwavering financial and in-kind support that we receive from our loyal corporate partners. Their outstanding generosity enables us to advance our shared goals for the betterment of our community.

That’s why we are proud to announce a new level of partnership between United Way and two leading corporate citizens in our region: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and Eversource Energy.  

“This is an important moment for United Way and for the children and families we serve, and the companies that share our commitment to building strong communities,” said Steve Krichmar, Managing Principal of Krichmar & Associates and Chairman of the Board of Directors of United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley.  “These partnership agreements, which are the first to be signed in New England and among the first nationwide, deepen our commitment to work together and achieve transformational impact.

United Way is uniquely positioned to help our corporate partners by engaging their employees, generating resources and providing critical expertise about how to solve entrenched problems in our community. These first partnership agreements are designed to leverage not only United Way’s strengths — but also the strengths of our corporate partners — to help us achieve greater impact.

They provide for a deeper conversation around how companies can leverage United Way to help increase their business value, achieve their objectives, and ultimately create better conditions in the community for businesses to thrive.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and United Way have been partners for more than 50 years.  Through employee giving, matching corporate dollars, volunteerism and in-kind contributions, Blue Cross invested over $950,000 in our work in the past year alone.  Since 2000, Blue Cross has invested nearly $14M in United Way and our work. The partnership goes beyond the dollars — hundreds of volunteers, from Board Members to Snack Pack builders, provided hundreds of hours of service to United Way and our community partner agencies.

Why do two organizations that are working together so well need to sign an agreement to say we will work together?

“The answer is it is absolutely the right time,” said Pat Gilligan, EVP Sales, Marketing and Product at BCBSMA.   “We have something that is pretty special and we think it makes sense to put it on paper, as an example for other companies and for future generations of Blue Cross Blue Shield staff.”

Eversource and United Way have also been partners for more than 50 years.  Through employee and corporate giving across Connecticut, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Eversource raised almost $2M last year alone.

This Fall, in an innovative opportunity, the corporate match from Eversource helped United Way raise more than $60,000 on Giving Tuesday to benefit our Family Fund. Eversource’s commitment to United Way is shown not only in their financial support, but also their time, through Board Members across the states and volunteer leadership on Cabinets and Committees.

“Our commitment to stand strong with United Way speaks volumes to the community and outlines areas where we will work together,” said Penni McLean-Conner, Senior Vice President & Chief Customer Officer at Eversource Energy.  “We are excited to focus on increasing our community engagement, a key tenet for us because it allows us to be local and involved in the communities we serve. Together with United Way MA Bay, we’re in good company.”

“These new, multi-year agreements allow us to take a longer-term view and take a deeper look at what we could solve together, set some common goals, and be on our way to achieving them,” said Michael K. Durkin, President and Chief Executive Officer at United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley. “This represents the beginning of many more partnerships to come that will create strong companies, and even stronger communities.”