Resolved to Volunteer in 2014

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution this year to give more time to your community? If so,  you’re in luck!  With United Way, you can sign up to read to children, mentor young entrepreneurs, or help families file their taxes.  There are many opportunities available that can get you started right away making a difference for the children, youth and families in our neighborhoods!

CHILDREN- Read to Preschoolers!

Early Reader Program: By volunteering to read to children or lead activities at one of our partner agencies, you can help foster a love of books and learning that will help kids enter kindergarten ready to succeed.

  • January 31st at 9am: Attend 1 hour training at United Way to learn techniques for reading to young and what to expect as a Reader and later matched to a program as a United Way Early Reader!


YOUTH- Help youth bring positive change to their communities!

Youth Venture Program: United Way’s Youth Venture empowers young social entrepreneurs (12-20 year old) to envision, create, launch and lead a project that helps their own community.

  • January 29th from 4-8 p.m. in Lowell, youth will present their ideas to a panel, in hopes to receive up to $1500 in seed funding. Volunteer to:
  1. Serve as a panelist and help decide which teams will receive funding
  2. Help provide event assistance at Pitch Presentation
  3. Meet with youth to help them prepare and practice their pitches
  4. Mentor youth once they have received funding and begin to implement and showcase their projects (late-Jan to July)
  • Late Jan-July (based on schedule you create with your youth) mentor youth in Boston as they implement and showcase their projects


FAMILIES- Help Families file taxes!

United Way VITA Tax Prep Program: As a United tax preparer, you help families in need receive their full refund, which is money that can be towards food, heat, education, and other opportunities. No experience necessary. Receive free training. Get certified online. Choose your site and hours. Start helping families this month!

In order to serve as a United Way tax preparer, you must complete a basic online training and choose locations and days from mid-January- mid-April at our sites in Waltham, Roxbury, Chelsea, and Lawrence.

For more information or to sign up, email