Help Refill the Bookshelves of a Preschool Damaged by a Roof Collapse

The impact of our epic winter has continued to manifest itself, even as the snow has (barely) stopped falling.

At United Way partner agency College Bound Dorchester, they experienced this first hand when their ceiling collapsed, severely damaging four out of seven child care rooms. Along with the structural damage to the building and rooms, virtually all of the books were completely wiped out.

Reading and access to books is critical to early learning and literacy, especially for lower income children who may not have the resources at home to read with their families. For these kids, every moment spent with a book is precious. 

“At College Bound Dorchester, many of our students have limited to no access to quality reading materials in the home,” said Peg Ecclesine, Chief Program Officer.  “These books are devoured by the students and teachers each day for pure enjoyment and entertainment as well as to build critical early literacy skills.”

OUR GOAL: to replenish these empty bookcases with 560 brand new preschool and early reader books. Every $5 buys a new book! 

Please visit our Crowdrise fundraising page and spread the word.  Share on your timeline, get your friends involved and let’s deliver an unforgettable gift to these kids.

College Bound Dorchester, a United Way partner agency, serves children in need. They range in age from three to five and many are in foster care. Others are from single parent homes where the parent is enrolled in college and working full or part time. They are children with little options. If the child has to remain home, so do the parents, keeping them from earning a living wage or attending their classes.

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