In good company

Our friends at Boston Financial Data Services (BFDS) just kicked off their annual campaign and they took the opportunity to delve a little deeper into the makings of a “good company.”

From Mike Lawlor’s BFDS blog entry about the event:

 What makes a company good? While reputation, salary, and benefits surely matter, giving back to the community is also an important trait of a good company.

This belief was stated loud and clear by Boston Financial associates during our recent Associate Survey. Our associates expressed overwhelming appreciation and acknowledgement of Boston Financial’s focus on making a difference in the community.

This commitment was showcased at the recent United Way Leadership Breakfast where several of Boston Financial’s leaders joined forces to support this year’s campaign.

In his opening remarks, President and CEO, Terry Metzger, thanked associates for their generosity in their gift giving and volunteer efforts. Terry Metzger acted as last year’s United Way Campaign Chair and was a champion for our work, both inside Boston Financial and outside in the community.

Metzger was joined by Josh Kraft, President and CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Boston and Mike Durkin, President and CEO of United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley. Both shared the impact that the donors’ generosity have had on the community.

“We need to put a stake into the ground for what is good,” said Durkin.