The Great India Adventure: Greetings from Across the World!

United Way staff and the Project YELL Youth Venture team from Lynn have embarked on the adventure of a lifetime, going to India to participate in the international Design for Change conference, meeting other like-minded youth focused on social impact and seeing the sights of a foreign country. Our own Sunindiya Bhalla has been dispatching real-time updates. Enjoy!

After traveling for over 24 hours straight, two layovers, three flights, and four airports later we made it to Ahmedabad in one piece! The kids are champs, not a single complaint and just so excited by everything! The kids are embracing Indian food and were not at all scared by the death defying car and bus rides over the roller-coaster like rides full of potholes and horn-honking.

We definitely sweated off a few pounds in the sunny, humid 97 degrees yesterday. Our hotel is very modern. We are staying here with teams from 20 other countries!  Our Lynn team did an awesome job performing their song (really, not being biased here, they were by far one of the best) during country performances.  You can listen to the song here!

We leave you with this clip of our kids doing a Bollywood dance to close of the celebration today! Ours were some of the few actually brave enough to get up on stage! That wraps up our time in Ahmedabad. It has truly been inspiring and humbling to be around all these amazing kids the past couple days.

Sunindiya Bhalla