Gillette Superheroes Pack 1,200 Seriously Impressive Bags of Household Items for Families

When we heard that our partners at P&G Gillette were going to pack 1,200 full grocery-size bags stocked with household and personal care items for the families at our partner agencies, we were thrilled.  When we heard they were going to do it all in a very short time, we were concerned.  After all, it takes us over a week to pack our 5,500 similarly sized Thanksgiving grocery bags every year for Thanksgiving Project!

Fortunately, Gillette was undaunted and had superheroes on hand who were up to the task.  Pumped up for their superhero-themed campaign this month, employees took shifts packing the bags and quickly filled them all with crazy impressive efficiency.  On Friday morning, 26 United Way partner agencies – from Lawrence, to Lynn, to Roxbury – pulled up their cars to the loading dock and Gillette employees greeted them with a smile and quickly filled up their cars with the bags of much needed items for the youth and families that they serve.

“For me, I think it was so amazing to see our organization come together to assemble bags for 26 agencies in the area. To see all 1,200 bags lined up (taking over 4 separate rooms!) made me feel really proud of what we can do when we put our mind to something,” said Courtney Delude of P&G Gillette, who helped coordinate the project.
“Then, on top of that, to directly talk to the agencies that were receiving the baskets and hear how it will go to certain kids or families in need, and seeing how appreciative everyone was, was really something special.”

Gillette is always one of our top fundraising corporate partners – last year raising over $1 million dollars to support United Way’s work in our community – but every year they ALSO outdo themselves with their enthusiasm and generosity of time and talent.

In addition to this product bag build and distribution, at least 300 Gillette volunteers have been involved in 24 volunteer projects this season, ranging from playground cleanup to reading with kids. (see more photos on Facebook)

Who needs a costume? These guys really are superheroes, every day.