From the Ground Up: Stories of Community Changemakers

BY Luisa Muñoz

Jul 19 2023

Earlier this year, we launched our first-ever Community Action Grants to 17 locally-led organizations who share our vision for economic justice. We were moved by the individuals and collective action behind our Community Action Grant grantees. Their stories inspired us to create the changemakers series- a collection of extraordinary stories that will highlight the remarkable efforts and innovative initiatives of local coalitions and grassroots organizations who are sparking meaningful change across our region.

This series is just the beginning. Over the year, we will also showcase other changemakers in our region - the inspiring journeys of early childhood educators, community organizations we will partner with to advance our vision and the corporate, government and individual stakeholders who are joining us to create positive change.

The changemakers series invites you on a journey to see how small actions can lead to profound impact, transforming the lives of individuals and entire communities, and discover the triumphs and challenges they face as they confront pressing social issues head-on.

Each story within this empowering collection embodies resilience, compassion, and a shared commitment to building a more just and equitable community. They will highlight the real stories of the indomitable spirit that fuels real change in our region.

The changemakers series is a powerful reminder that everyone has the potential to make a difference and that change is best driven by the people and communities most impacted.

Dare to be inspired and transformed by stories of impact, as you read each one, you will feel the belief in a brighter tomorrow.

Stay tuned for the most impactful stories of community catalysts and be the first to witness their inspiring journeys.