Farewell to two great United Way leaders

This spring, our United Way family has had the pleasure to send two fantastic leaders into retirement and thank them for their service: Margo Casey, our steadfast leader of the North Shore United Way, and Cindy Boyd, who served the United Way of Greater Seacoast for 40 years! While we are sad to see them go, their leadership, friendship, and impact will be felt across our community for a very long time.


After forty years of dedicated work to United Way, Cindy Boyd has decided to put away the pledge cards and spend more quality time with her husband, kids, grandkids, and community.

Cindy started with United Way in 1977, as the office manager of the Seacoast United Fund, where she managed a lot more than just the office. She did it all, and continued to as she led United Way of the Greater Seacoast through campaigns, community groups, agencies and initiatives, and more – right through the merger of our two United Ways, always showing people the best of what United Way can be.

“In 40 years’ time, our community and our United Way has changed so much,” said Lauren Wool, Senior Director of Community Impact for United Way of the Greater Seacoast. “And Cindy truly embraced all of these changes. Not all of them were easy or comfortable, but Cindy’s ability to listen, understand, stay positive and lead by example was never short of remarkable. She always showed us the way forward.”

As Cindy goes forward into retirement, we wish her many happy relaxing years with her family and friends. And we know she’ll continue showing us all the way to LIVE UNITED.

Margo with kids at the Beverly Children’s Learning Center


Margo’s career and commitment to community began well before the time she gave to us. For more than 40 years, Margo has committed to make life better for others, serving as case manager to residential children’s programs, Executive Director of the Geiger Gibson Health Center and also, just before North Shore United Way, as Executive Director of HAWC on the North Shore.

“Working with Margo has really been a lot of fun,” said Mike Durkin, President of United Way of Massachusetts Bay. “She has been the ‘little engine that could’, always showing us how to do a little bit more than before. And the fondness that I have seen expressed towards her from so many North Shore volunteers and donors makes it clear that she’s made a positive impact throughout the community.”

At her retirement celebration last week, guests universally remarked on Margo’s gravitational pull; her unique ability to bring people together, connect them to the community, and always inspire them to do more. And more. And more!

While Margo is looking forward to visiting spending more time with friends and family, we know she won’t be far – only now she’ll be donning her LIVE UNITED t-shirt as a volunteer.