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Celebrating Black History Month

February is Black History Month

Black History Month is an important time to celebrate and acknowledge the countless contributions and achievements of African Americans throughout history. From art, culture, and science to politics, activism, and civil rights, Black history has shaped and enriched our society in countless ways. However, despite their immense impact, the stories and experiences of Black individuals and communities are often marginalized or forgotten.

This Black History Month, we hope you join us on our learning journey to better understand the experiences of people from historically marginalized and oppressed backgrounds and take time to reflect on their stories. Together, we can work towards a more inclusive and equitable future, where the voices and histories of all people are valued and honored.

Start your Learning Journey

We’ve curated many resources that will help you deepen your learning and appreciation of Black history and experiences, starting with daily newsletters and an opportunity for an open, candid discussion around Black history. Find even more resources below to continue your journey.

    • 28 days of learning – Simply add your email to their newsletter and you will begin receiving insightful emails that share facts and information about black perspectives that were often underrepresented. These informative emails are sent at the end of each work day, cover all topics, and is a great way to transition or break from work while staying committed to continuous learning. Looking to catch up? Check out past emails sent here.
    • Anti-Racism daily learning – Similar to the above newsletter subscription, these daily emails shed light on global news that centers equity. One review states, “…y’all are willing to make us readers uncomfortable, but in a way that helps me stay engaged with the material.” Feel free to explore their posts here to get a better sense.
    • 1619 Project Discussion Event – Inner City Weightlifting will host a candid conversation next week, Feb. 13th from 5-7pm on the 1619 Project (video), which is a Pulitzer-prized long-form journalism project by Nikole Hannah-Jones that compiles essays and other works that look at the United States history and centers the consequences of slavery, along with the contributions of Black Americans, in the national narrative. Ibram Kendi will lead the event and is one of America’s foremost leading antiracist scholar/best-selling author/historian so I’m sure this will make for very interesting conversations. Can’t make the event? You can also stream it on Hulu!
    • Emblem Strategic – Andy Tarsy of Emblem Strategic asked 25 leaders to share ideas and actions on how to spur progress on Black equity in the US. United Way President and CEO Bob Giannino joins the conversation.

Additional Learning Opportunities

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Taking the time to be intentional and focus on Black History is dedicating time to focus on our collective history, the contributions made, and the work we all still must do. While we celebrate Black History month, we hope to continue to learn and elevate these voices throughout the year and in all aspects of our work.