6 Highlights from Mass STEM Week 2020

This STEM Week we allowed more students than ever to “See themselves in STEM”. Despite the pandemic, we persisted harnessing the T in STEM to provide a multitude of programs for students to consider a STEM career. We had such a great time during STEM week and already can’t wait for next year! 


On our first night of STEM Week,  we were lucky enough to host the Lieutenant Governor, Dr. Fox Harrell and a panel of outstanding STEM students! It was the perfect way to kick off the week. Check out the recording here

Our background with partners listed for the kickoff event. 

3D Scanning Extravaganza 

This year for STEM week we gave students the opportunity to learn about 3D scanning through using a method called photogrammetry to examine an object pivotal to their identity. Then through our collaboration with Autodesk those students can get their object 3D printed. Through the generosity of our collaborators we can extend this opportunity to more students. If you know a student or if your class would like to participate follow this link

An example of a 3D scanned object

Video Game Design 

In partnership with Mass Art Art Museum and Autodesk Tinkercad, we hosted a video game design workshop! The event focused on identity and personal space in video games, based on the Mass Art exhibit “Game Changers”. With over 104 participants, dozens of characters designed, this event was an overwhelming success. The students’ passion and creativity shined through, and lead to some important conversations on identity. Check out some of the student’s work below!

Some examples of some of the work students did during the video game event.

Didn’t get a chance to attend the event? Not to fear, the videos are here! Feel free to watch, share, and use with friends, students, or on your own!

  1. Video Game Event STEM Week 2020 MAAM Presentation of Game Changers Exhibit
  2. Video Game Event STEM Week 2020 MAAM Create Your Player Activity
  3. Video Game Event STEM Week 2020- Tinkercad Create Your Own Avatar Demo
  4. Video Game Event STEM Week 2020 Roblox Demo BoSTEM

My STEM Story

We were incredibly excited to partner with SySTEMic Flow to offer two panels about the experience of professional black women in both higher education and in the professional workplace. The panels were really successful, generating impactful and honest discussions about both the challenges and successes for people of color in STEM. Please check out the two panels below!

  1. My STEM Story: Experiences from Black Women in College/Graduate School
  2. My STEM Story: The Career Journey of the Professional Black Woman

A Screenshot of some of our fabulous panelists

Emerald Necklace Events

Students across Boston got the opportunity to do a number of environmental science asynchronous activities with our partners the Emerald Necklace Conservancy. Including making a weather station, practicing leaf rubbings, mapping your neighborhood and so much more! See this document to participate and bring these activities to your classroom. 

A photo of a student participating in mindful “forest bathing.”

STEM Week Movie Nights

Throughout STEM Week, we watched STEM-related movies that highlighted films with lead actors from diverse backgrounds that told inclusive stories. During the showings, Nettrice Gaskins of FabLab and Veronica Allen of NASA Goddard Center gave insight during the movie about their research and careers related to the movies shared insights from their research and careers as it related to the movies. Since STEM Movie Nights was such a success during STEM Week, we decided to continue them on a monthly basis be sure to sign up for our newsletter bellow to learn when we schedule movie nights for the rest of the year and send us requests! 

Some of the movies and TV Shows shown throughout STEM Week

We were thrilled to have given students access to programs like these to inspire them into a career in STEM. All students should have access to STEM career paths and we hope this week we have allowed all students to “See Themselves in STEM”.

Want to plan an event with us or volunteer to provide these STEM opportunities follow this link.