10 Ways You Know You Work at United Way

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a United Way staff member at 51 Sleeper Street is like?  Wonder no more! Here are are the 10 ways you know you work at United Way, brought to you by the winners of our internal social media challenge, Team Price is Right!

1)      When by the end of the month all the Tupperware you own is in the 3rd floor Fridge.

2)      When you “turn to each other and say something good” on a monthly basis.

3)      When all you want is a black Live United shirt, but the cabinet is locked.

4)      When even in a torrential downpour you will walk the extra distance to score a mid-afternoon iced coffee.

5)      When your heart races when Diane sends out the email saying a car is being towed in the lot.

6)      When by the time the “free food” email hits your inbox, all the food is already gone from the kitchen.

7)      When someone tries to call you and gives up after spending 20 minutes pressing automated number prompts.

8)      When you can name the L towns and W towns in less than 10 seconds.

9)      When you wax poetic about the $9 parking lots, Flour before it was big, and a view of the water unobstructed by Vertex.

10)   When you truly believe we bring the Best Partners together to find the Best Solutions and get the Best Results.