We Work with the Best and Brightest

Agency Partners

As part of United Way’s mission to unite communities to create real change for people in need, we partner with agencies and programs in Boston we know will continue to make a consistent difference in the lives of those they serve. These partners are leaders in their respective impact areas, but we know we can accomplish much more together.   VIEW OUR AGENCY PARTNERS

Corporate Partners

We’re thankful to receive both the financial and in-kind support of our corporate partners, and we’re humbled that they are willing to support us in the ways that they do. The incredible altruism of their people and their dedication to helping us in our mission are just a couple ways in which they make our work possible. We could not do what we do without them at our side.   VIEW OUR CORPORATE PARTNERS

PARTNERING with the Patriots

United Way has partnered with the National Football League for more than forty years, working to take some of our communities largest issues head on. The five-time world champion New England Patriots know what it means to tackle tough opponents, and their partnership has created real results throughout our region. The Patriots are tough on the field, but they make just as big a impact working for people in need.   LEARN MORE