Diversity, Equity
& Inclusion


United Way of Massachusetts Bay brings people together to create positive lasting change in the communities across our region. 
As the United Way, we must work, with action and intention, to listen while centering the voices of the most marginalized in our communities to ensure all voices are heard. We believe we are a catalyst to advance greater inclusion of, and opportunity for, those who have been oppressed by systemic racism, white supremacy culture, and inequitable power structures. We seek to co-create a society where everyone thrives, which cannot happen without dismantling systems of oppression.  We are part of a diverse community that includes nonprofit partners and participants, donors, grassroots leadership, public sector agencies, and vendors.  We strive to uplift and empower people that reflect the full diversity of our region, especially people of color, women and non-binary people, LGBTQIA+ persons, foreign-born people, multi-lingual residents, and all people regardless of socioeconomic background, ability, age, political affiliation, religion, and immigration status.  We are engaged in the intentional and transformative process of leading with Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Racial Justice in all that we do. Change that lasts requires an ongoing commitment to accountability and transparency. Furthermore, we acknowledge the importance of dismantling systemic racism and oppression that has permeated virtually all systems, institutions, policies, and practices throughout our nation’s history and continues to the present day.



our impact strategy by centering it on community voice, equity, and racial justice.


an inclusive culture that recognizes, promotes, and celebrates the rich diversity that is reflective of our communities.


our civic leadership platform to call out injustices, shine a light on leaders from historically oppressed and marginalized communities, and demonstrate the urgency of dismantling oppressive systems.


and implement a talent management strategy that embraces and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion at the staff, leadership, and board levels.


with community partners, donors, and historically under-recognized vendors, contractors, and consultants to uplift practices of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in our community.


We will stand with the Black, African American, Indigenous, Hispanic, Latino/a, Asian and Pacific Islander communities – who are our colleagues, our corporate and community leaders, and our youth and families – as we co-create solutions that will bring about meaningful change, racial justice, and economic equity. 
We call on our partners and allies to LIVE UNITED and stand with us in solidarity as we strive to advance more resilient, equitable, and just communities, as to do nothing, is NOT an option.