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Why Learning Should Never Take a Summer Vacation

When school lets out, parents feel as much relief as their kids from hectic nights of homework and studying.  But it’s just a matter of days before the first “I’m bored” is muttered.  When that happens, many of us tell our kids to find a book.  This, efficiently, provides kids with something fun to do and helps prevents summer learning loss at the same time.

But according to First Book, while families in upper- and middle-income communities have an average of 13 books per child, low-income communities have one book for every 300 children. For children who are already falling behind, a lack of reading during the summer can set them back even further. READ MORE!


United Way’s Summer Learning Collaborative is reversing summer learning loss by turning summer time into learning time for over 3,000 elementary school-age children at 25 program sites in our region. A partnership between United Way, BOSTnet, community-based organizations and school districts, the Summer Learning Collaborative improves children’s literacy outcomes by integrating literacy activities in fun and meaningful ways into existing summer camp programs in low-income communities.

Find Summer Learning resources below! To download, right-click each link and “Save as.” All documents are in PDF format.



Camp and Literacy Combine
for a Summer of Learning
“Not every kid has the chance to go to a summer camp. With this program we’re able to provide that as well as give them the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom.”