Caring Isn’t Quarantined

New Challenges Call for a New Response.

Your employees are your greatest asset.  In times of need, they pull together: to give, to volunteer, to support one another.  That doesn’t stop because they’re under quarantine.

In this time of crisis, help is needed more than ever, and your employees are up for the challenge.  Download this eGuide and learn about:

  • What your employees expect of you during this moment of need
  • The six key considerations for giving and volunteering in a crisis
  • The top 5 reasons your CSR program should benefit your local community

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Innovation, meet Impact.

In an increasingly social and connected world, the line between “work time” and “personal time” continues to blur. Employees want to feel good about where they spend their time, and corporate social responsibility has become a competitive advantage for companies trying to recruit and retain the best workers.

At the same time, the way people interact with the causes they care about has changed. In the age of crowdfunding, social media, and on-demand entertainment, personalization is paramount. So is a sense of engagement that goes beyond a routine paycheck deduction.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Salesforce.  

Salesforce is the world leader in relationship management. Helping companies understand people is their bread and butter. And helping companies understand and motivate their own employees is a no-brainer. Pairing Salesforce technology and artificial intelligence with United Way’s expertise in solving problems in our community is social innovation for the internet age.

Unlimited choices paired with year-round engagement

In the age of Netflix and Amazon, consumers expect choice and personalization in their online experiences. Philanthropy Cloud lets us offer more than a million nonprofit giving and volunteering opportunities, yet has the ability to first surface those that most closely match the employee’s interests, location, giving history, and other signals.

Year-round engagement helps us move away from a once-a-year campaign model to a “check in any time to see what’s new” model.  Employees can learn about new causes and see their impact grow over time on their personalized dashboards.

Importantly, employees can see how and where their company is giving — translated into impact within the causes they care about.

More data than ever about employee engagement.

United Way has long been a trusted partner to companies in our region. Now we can do even more. With Philanthropy Cloud, we can give companies a richness of data that hasn’t been available before. We can help HR and Corporate Social Responsibility leaders understand how, where, and when their employees are giving. We can uncover trends by department or job level. We can help companies address concerns we know their employees have, make more informed decisions, and respond in real time to major crises. And we can help package all of that data in a way that can be shared to bolster recruitment and retention programs.