Somersworth Ready Together

Beginning a new school year and routine is stressful for anyone, but for low-income families, it can be especially overwhelming. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Somersworth Early Childhood Coalition to launch Somersworth Ready Together to help all families better prepare their children for kindergarten.

How the Program Works

Teachers visit the homes of families of incoming kindergartners for one-on-one conferences before the school year starts. They spend time working out the logistics of what a school day looks like, how kids can get a healthy breakfast or lunch on campus instead of having to bring it. They also work out bus schedules to and from school, and talk with parents about how they can best support their child during the academic year.

Benefits of Individual Attention

These one-on-one family visits provide a unique opportunity for teachers and families to discuss their concerns and become comfortable with one another, setting the stage for a more productive year of school. The program helps families avoid a stressful Open House, when families all come in the night before school starts, already nervous and anxious.

The program’s goal is to engage all the families of the 832 Somersworth children between the ages of zero and five. Its aim is to offer an increased comfort level from day one, so the whole year is easier for everyone, and each child is better equipped to succeed in school.

For more information about Somersworth Ready Together, contact Liz Belsito at