State Early Learning Alliance (SELA)

Changing the early education game

The United Way-powered State Early Learning Alliance (SELA) is a cutting-edge shared services model for early childhood programs to strengthen business practices and enhance program quality in order to give children a better start.

SELA members saved as much as 25% on commercial insurance with better coverage, savings that spread to staff and their families. The 23 agencies that comprise SELA have a combined buying power of over $30 million; if SELA can hit its ultimate goal of 200 members, that figure rockets to $450 million worth of purchasing power. In 2015, SELA was presented at the National Shared Services Conference in San Francisco.

The end result of all of it, the networking, the buying capability, the economies of scale, is and always has been the little faces in circle time. Savings are pumped directly into the classroom, through program investment and staff development and quality improvements that benefit kids.

United Way of the Greater Seacoast pioneered the State Early Learning Alliance (SELA), developing it as a new shared services model for area early childhood programs to strengthen business practices and enhance program quality in order to give children a better start.

SELA benefits include:

ECE Shared Resources is a web-based platform that offers a wealth of tools, services and cost and time-savings for Early Childhood Education programs and professionals. Members gain enormous buying power by joining an existing nationwide pool of purchasers. More information can be found by going to and to

With this program, the work is done for you so you don’t have to spend hours searching for best practices. Sample policies, procedures, handbooks, forms, interview guides, job descriptions, marketing materials and much more have been created by national ECE experts. All are posted in a format you can download and edit.

ECE Shared Resources offers national cost savings programs with vendors used by ECE Programs. You join very large pools of buyers, so you get the purchasing and service benefits enjoyed by big players. On average, a center with 100 children saves over $6,000 per year; and a family provider with six children saves over $700 per year. This program pays for itself!

When an ECE program signs up, staff can get their own perks and discounts, access to the online training, and download the resources on their own!

Staff who work at a SELA member program are eligible for discounted home and auto insurance!  Complete the below forms and return to Maggie Davis (fax number on form).

Auto Insurance
Home Insurance

The goal of this program is to simplify management functions so that you can spend less time-solving problems and managing administrative details and more of your time where it counts the most, face-to-face with the children. Online training, including an interactive “Hand Washing” training developed with the Centers for Disease Control, are included and you can assign training directly to your staff!

Great North Advantage is a ‘boots on the ground,’ people-oriented service.  They provide the facilities management, emergency maintenance, accounting and human resources expertise that early learning centers need – but so rarely have in-house.   They leverage their 30 years of experience managing property and critical vendor relationships to deliver affordable quality improvements and cost savings.  Find more information at