United Way
of Massachusetts Bay
and Merrimack Valley

Request for Partnership with United Way

United Way was founded on the principle that no one organization can fix our deepest challenges alone. We are a convener. We foster collaborative action between nonprofit and corporate partners, government leaders, and anyone interested in giving time, skills, or money to make a difference. As a United Way, we value relationships with other effective nonprofits and seek to build mutual partnerships.

Partnership with United Way may take different forms. We work most closely with strategic nonprofit partners which receive multi-year, unrestricted funding in exchange for the positive outcomes they deliver. Beyond those strategic partners, United Way values numerous community and regional collaborators who engage with United Way volunteers, participate in large-scale events, or initiatives and projects. Just a few examples include BoSTEM, Youth Venture, Boston Builds Credit, North Shore Americorps, Shared Services, Somersworth Ready Together, Project Connect, Baby Shower, Thanksgiving Project, Board Connection, and many others.

To determine the best ways to collaborate with us, United Way invites any nonprofit to submit a formal inquiry here.

We will hold your information on file and share new opportunities with you when they arise. Within a month or two of receiving your inquiry, a United Way staff person will email or call to follow up with you.

Note that United Way’s multi-year strategic partnership is by invitation only. When a new RFP is issued, we draw from those organizations which have submitted formal requests in the linked form above. United Way considers the following factors when evaluating a formal partnership:

  • Agency alignment with our strategic grantmaking priorities
  • The need to maintain an effective presence within the United Way footprint where the need is greatest
  • The availability of revenue
  • Opportunities for further collaboration.

Thank you for your interest in collaborating with United Way.