Greater Attleboro/Taunton

We work with number of impact-oriented nonprofit agencies and partners in Greater Attleboro and Taunton focused on advancing our mission to create positive, lasting change for people in need.

We allocate more than $920,000 dollars into 61 programs, 29 agencies, and 18 Basic Human Need Programs who partner with us to build a strong community.

In addition to this funding, we are proud to say that our work has allowed:

  • South Coast Regional Network to End Homelessness to provide close to $400,000 in funding for homelessness diversion, prevention, and re-housing and evaluation services across the nineteen cities and towns served by the network.
  • 200 people to move out of temporary shelter into permanent housing and who are now on a path to financial and career stability thanks to United Way’s South Coast Regional Network to End Homelessness.
  • 5,100 young people to receive mentoring, coaching and support through Youth Enrichment programs throughout southeastern Massachusetts.

A complete list of partner agencies can be found here.


Work in the Greater Attleboro and Taunton area will be directed by a Regional Advisory Board focused on local resource development, local community investment and volunteer recruitment. The board is comprised of local leaders including:

Michael Andrade
Kerrie Babin
Cheryl Barrows
State Representative Jay Barrows
Jeff Bradley
Kelly Bento
Deborah Bitsoli
Michael Carchedi
Cheri-Lynne Catalan
Rodney Clark
Kevin Cryan
Mark Cuddy
Edward A Dion, Jr.
Karen Girczyc
Michael Horrigan
Thomas Kelly
William Larson
Dennis Leahy
Willitts Mendonca
Patrick J. Murray, Jr.
Jeffrey Nelson
Philip Shea
Christopher Sweet
Stephen Withers Jr.