Greater Attleboro and Taunton Regional Advisory Board

Greater Attleboro and Taunton’s Regional Advisory Board is group of community leaders who help support United Way’s work in communities throughout the region. We’re immensely grateful for their continued dedication to helping those in need.

Board members:
Michael Andrade
Kerrie Babin
Cheryl Barrows
State Representative Jay Barrows
Jeff Bradley
Kelly Bento
Deborah Bitsoli
Michael Carchedi
Cheri-Lynne Catalan
Rodney Clark
Kevin Cryan
Mark Cuddy
Edward A Dion, Jr.
Karen Girczyc
Michael Horrigan
Thomas Kelly
William Larson
Dennis Leahy
Patrick J. Murray, Jr.
Jeffrey Nelson
Philip Shea
Christopher Sweet
Stephen Withers Jr.