Mind the Gap: A Tribute Fund to End Homelessness

Mike Durkin will be retiring this June after providing steadfast and inspirational leadership as President and CEO of the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley for the past 12 years. We invite you to honor Mike’s legacy by contributing a special gift to Mind the Gap: A Tribute Fund to End Homelessness, in addition to your generous annual support. This fund is targeted at efforts to end homelessness, an urgent social issue which has been at the center of Mike’s efforts during the 43 years he has dedicated to the United Way.

You can honor Mike’s legacy and help him continue his mission to end homelessness by helping to fund the $2 Million “Mind the Gap” Fund. This Fund is being raised for the sole purpose of furthering innovative solutions on path to end homelessness. The Fund will be maintained by the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley, and proceeds will be distributed throughout our footprint in Massachusetts and New Hampshire wherever the need and opportunity for impact is greatest as determined by a committee of volunteers, including Mike. It is anticipated that funds will be distributed over a three year period.

Leveraging the work the United Way has done in the past and the relationships and alliances that the United Way has established with other organizations which are addressing the homelessness crisis, the Fund will be used to (i) seed new and support existing innovative, on the ground programming, including including our successful partnership to reduce chronic individual homelessness; (ii) support advocacy at the federal, state and local levels; and (iii) work with social service providers to help them share their best practices and scale their efforts and impact.

Would you like to utilize your Donor Advised Fund, IRA, or make a gift of appreciated assets to support the Mind the Gap fund? Contact our staff for further details.